This page was made specifically to warn people. Please take caution.

What is the Memory Virus?

The Memory Virus is spread by infection of the
that makes the user very sick. You have a
. We all do. Any official one is prone to it, and fakeouts are under supervision. The Memory Virus can happen to anyone. Do not be scared though. We are here to help.

How does it spread?

Many people use viruses to control their
s. Much like the infamous
virus, the Memory Virus affects the direct hard-drive of the
, can be passed between people, and spread without direct contact. Unlike many viruses, lawful or not, including the
virus, the Memory Virus cannot be removable. Once it has attached to your
, it attaches to your Soul.

The original spotting of the Memory Virus comes from the previous
Reine, Mya Cohen
. People said that Her eyes glowed, a direct symptom of an advanced Memory Virus. Before closer inspection could be taken on Her, the
occured. The current
Roi, Evan Cohen
, denies any and everything about the Memory Virus. Later,
confirmed the existence of a Memory Virus-like symptoms infecting both
Evan Cohen
, though he soon later retracted the statement. That said, this is enough of a confirmation for us to believe in the Memory Virus.

What are the Symptoms?

There are many symptoms to the memory virus. It can come in any form, any strength.

Symptoms of the Memory Virus

Glowing Eyes.
This only happens to government
s. Their eyes glow the exact same color as their
. This is a definitive factor of the Memory Virus. If you have Glowing Eyes, you are infected.

Envisioning the Person You Fear The Most
. You may not know who it is, or why. This is a gateway to your darkest fear. Some have used it for self-reflection.

Religious Praciticers Asking to Exorcize You.

Memory Loss.
Some miss months. Some forget how to make coffee. On mild cases they can come back, but most are gone forever.

Whispering Behind You.
Otherwise, you can confirm it isn't the Memory Virus. This is your only hope.

CIM (Crown Identification Malfunction)
Your crown doesn't work anymore. You can't pay for things. You forget your identity. Crowns cannot be replaced, and an only freedom from this hell is

If you have this, the Memory Virus will worsen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Are You?
We are a Group. We find the Answers.

2. How do You Know the Memory Virus Exists?
Like stated before, a news report. The Government can't hide all of its secrets.

3. What Do I Do if I Think I Have the Memory Virus?
Wash your hands, go to a hospital, and pray.

4. Do You Have the Memory Virus?
Our anonymity is very imporant to us. This Answer would reveal who we are.
. Do Not Copy.